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At East west Financial we have over 30 years of experience protecting clients’ principal and retirement money for lifetime income or wealth transfer to heirs. We have been so successful that we won the top 10 financial planner in Forbes magazine several times, and countless times we were voted Number 1 financial advisor in our local paper. Contact our top financial advisors in Arizona for a free consult and we will educate you about our investment products so you can see why we are always voted Number 1.

East West Financial was founded in 1991 by Jack D Mafara Jr. His goal was to protect the assets of retired clients from lawsuits and losses in the stock market without sacrificing returns. East West Financial and Jack D Mafara Jr have won many awards including Forbes Magazine’s top 10 Financial planner several times, and many numerous local awards in the daily newspaper in Mohave County as the best financial advisor firms in bullhead city.

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Jack D Mafara Jr taught thousands of retired clients how to invest without any risk of principal, or annual fees.

How the annuity process works with East West Financial

Meet Jack D Mafara for a brief video on annuities in general

I am a Financial Professional

Our Vision

Our vision is to teach the retirement community that you don’t need to risk your principal and pay overpriced fees to get a good return on the performance of the market

Our Mission

Getting you to retirement was your mission, getting you through retirement is my mission.


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Why do our clients choose Annuities with East West Financial?

Because we believe in guarantees

Guarantee of Principal

Guaranteed Income you can’t outlive

Guaranteed rates of return

Stock Market like returns

Tax Deferral

Easy to Understand

Easy wealth Transfer
Execution Time

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Our Best Services

Your journey begins with East West Financial by planning your estate to enjoy your life while you are living with principal protection and if needed guaranteed income. And when that time comes for your estate to transfer to your loved ones, our best financial advisors in Arizona assist you to make sure it goes smoothly.

Estate Planning

We make transferring your estate to your loved ones easy and stress free with proper estate planning documents a Liquid Estate Plan to get cash to your executor or trustee within 24 hours of your death

Retirement Planning

Our retirement plans can give you growth or guaranteed income for life while keeping your principal safe for your loved ones.

401k Rollover

Rolling over your 401K to an IRA is a wise choice but can be stressful. At East West Financial we take care of everything for you including setting up your required minimum distributions when you reach 72.

Guarantee Annuities

When you retire you should not risk your principal. Our investments allow you to invest in the stock market indexes with no risk of principal. You can also guarantee an interest rate for a period of time or guaranteed income for life.

Life Insurance

We offer the most comprehensive life products for those looking for tax free retirement income, or those who want a death benefit for their estate with the opportunity to use the death benefits while living when catastrophic events occur

Guaranteed income

East West is the best financial advisor firm in bullhead city offers many different choices in receiving a guaranteed income for the lifetime of the client/clients while also maintaining an estate for their loved ones.


MYGAs, are a type of fixed annuity that protects your premium and accumulates interest at a guaranteed rate for a specific amount of time.